She’s a Belt-Tightener, Get It? She Designs Tight-Fitting Clothes

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“Tightening Belts? She’s the Expert.” That’s the headline of a NY Times story on fashion innovator Diane von Furstenburg. She’s not remotely a tightwad with money. She designs tight, clingy clothes that demand tight belts. Get it? That’s recession humor for you.

Oh forget it. Here’s the story if you’re interested.

In somewhat related news, a USA Today infographic shows the results of a poll revealing that two-thirds of American women say they’ve splurged on clothing or accessories in the past year—shoes most of all.

Overall, however, clothing sales are down. Way down in the high-end market. Here’s a photo gallery of donuts, romance novels, condoms, and other things We’re Buying More of During the Recession.