No Regrets Buying Cars, TVs, and Other Big-Ticket Items

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Fascinating story in the Times Science section about how consumers buy things, and the relative happiness those things bring consumers. One part of the story discusses Spent: Sex, Evolution and Consumer Behavior, a new book by Dr. Geoffrey Miller. Dr. Miller says that in some instances, people express regret over spending lots of money on items that brought them little joy. But just as often, people report that very expensive purchases like cars and electronics have brought them much happiness. So perhaps there is wisdom in splurging big-ticket style, so long as it’s on something that means something to you.

One woman is quoted saying, “The three things (not necessities) I have spent the most money on in the past ten years are: my cottage at Cape Cod, my Lexus, and my Rolex — and I LOVE all three, in the order of their cost. And I don’t care what that says about me.” Whatever makes you happy, right? Check out the story here.