Signs the Recession Isn’t Ending: A Top Ten List

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Or maybe these are signs of the apocalypse. I’m not sure. Unemployed horses! Bankers invading the CIA! Nickel is a hot investment! Mayhem!

1. Your grandpa might be signing up for the Army.

2. Laid-off bankers might be taking over the CIA.

3. Forget about gold, silver, or platinum. Nickel is hot.

4. Business execs in New Jersey aren’t taking vacations. The horror!

5. We’re apparently living in The Disaster Decade. And the decade’s not over yet.

6. The cost of living in New York City actually declined.

7. The cheap-but-gourmet coffee wars rage on, with no end in sight.

8. The slump in auto manufacturing has extended to Slovakia. What’s next? A depression in Molvania?

9. The next time there’s a fire, you might have to rally some firefighters from the unemployment line.

10. A horse is a member of a group of job hunters that meets regularly in Long Island.