Dad-Recommended, Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gifts

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A great list of potential gifts for fathers—put together by a dad in Georgia, so you know it’s legit. (Reality check: We really, really don’t want any beauty and grooming essentials.) Most of the gifts on the Georgia dad’s list are free, like one I suggested earlier. All are cheap. And all will make the old man happy.

Check out the list here. My personal favorite:

“Find a project he wants done, and offer free labor from you and the kids and anyone else who will volunteer. Let him be the supervisor. No one questions his authority or plan, you’re just there to carry out his wishes. You’ll end up with a clean garage or basement and dad will feel like the big boss.”

Followed closely by:

“Dads who work late and travel for business feel bad whenever they chose to do something for themselves. A poker game, a ballgame with the guys or a weekend trip without the family feels like we’re choosing fun over the kids. Give your dad a free pass on a couple weekend trips and he’ll remember that long after Father’s Day is over.”