Celebrate a Made-Up Holiday Today! There are Two to Choose From

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And wouldn’t you know it? Both revolve around topics near and dear to cheapskates everywhere. So what would you rather do to join in the festivities: Save some money by riding the bus? Or go off the deep end and splurge on a massage, perhaps a $40 steak and a flat-screen TV to boot?

June 18, apparently, is National Dump the Pump Day. Some 75 public transportation agencies around the country are participating in the holiday this year. How are they participating? It’s not really clear. To celebrate National Dump the Pump Day, it seems like you’re supposed to do your best to avoid driving a car and instead embrace public transportation—which cheapskates do all the time anyway. Or perhaps you could ride your bike to work, as Kiplingers suggests. Great exercise, at a great price.

June 18, apparently, is also National Splurge Day. On National Splurge Day, you’re supposed to indulge in something you’d normally feel too guilty about buying or doing. Maybe that’s a $4 latte, or a new Jet Ski, or some food you probably shouldn’t eat.

Seems like this is an either/or decision, so choose your holiday allegiance. Or perhaps, if you normally walk everywhere, you could splurge by riding the train today.