More Healthcare Head Scratchers

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President Obama will be in Green Bay, Wisconsin, today, apparently to talk about how super awesome Brett Favre is, before begging him not to retire. Oh wait, no. Obama is instead presenting Green Bay as an efficient healthcare model the rest of the country should emulate. Green Bay supposedly does healthcare right, offering excellent care at reasonable expense. Makes no sense to me that healthcare is so different from place to place—which is one of the many reasons why the system needs fixing.

Also, from a Times story about how a small business group has come out in favor of proposals for change:

“Because small companies traditionally pay much more than large corporations for the same coverage for an employee, they would benefit from proposals streamlining the purchase of insurance and lowering the administrative expenses associated with the policies.”

How in the world is it fair that large corporations pay less than small businesses to insure their employees? And why do corporations pay less to insure me, compared to me going out on the open market and getting coverage? There are different rules for different entities, and that’s inherently unfair.

In any event, small businesses should support the proposals under debate right now, which could save them up to $855 billion over the next decade.