Big book weekend

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I’ve been staying away from book-related self-promotion here lately, but it’s a big weekend for The Myth of the Rational Market. The book goes on sale Tuesday, and in between checking my Amazon rankings every 20 minutes (currently at #279!) , I’ve been obsessing over the weekend coverage. There’s the Roger Lowenstein review in the WaPo, which was originally going to run in the now-defunct Conde Nast Portfolio (“fascinating,” but lets the efficient market crowd off “too easily”). There’s the Joe Nocera column in the NYT (“an engaging history”). Perhaps most important of all, there’s the Barry Ritholtz instablurb:

I am about halfway through The Myth of the Rational Market, and so far, its good wonky fun. (Justin, there’s your pull quote: good wonky fun“).

Oh, and then there’s the video I taped with Felix Salmon. And much more to come, I imagine.

Being on the PR side of the PR/media divide is a really fascinating thing, I must say. I’m discovering a relentlessness that I never know I possessed. And pretty soon I’m sure I’ll turn seriously obnoxious (if I haven’t already).

Update: And now John Authers in Monday’s FT.