How can people watch those Sunday morning talk shows?

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I’ve been watching Tim Geithner on Meet the Press (I recorded it). He was also on This Week, and I’ve been looking at the transcript of that, but I don’t think I can bear to watch it. Really, how can people sit through these shows? David Gregory asks Geithner a question, Geithner gives some prefab answer that doesn’t really address the question, Gregory asks the question again, Geithner responds somewhat more directly, then Gregory moves on. On the topic of the AIG bonuses, the dance continued for a bit longer than that, as Gregory was never able to get Geithner to discuss the basic question of why he let the matter drag on for so long (here’s that section of the transcript). My favorite Geithner statement from that exchange:

Of course we’re going to put strong conditions on the compensation…(unintelligible)

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a little guilty over the past year about never making time to watch the Sunday morning Washington talk shows. No more. It’s back to going to church and riding my bike and stuff.