Shocking news: Tim Gunn is very polite

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Here’s some hugely important new that I am afraid I failed to report in a timely fashion: I was riding on the subway yesterday morning and Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn was standing next to me. I didn’t really have anything to say to him (I guess I could have asked if he thought my jacket worked with my shirt, but that didn’t seem necessary), so I didn’t say anything to him.

Then a guy traveling with his young daughter moved toward the door Gunn and I were standing in front of. He was preparing to get off at the next stop, so I got out of his way. He sidled up to Gunn and said, “My wife really appreciates your work.”

Gunn didn’t look at him and didn’t say anything. The guy looked offended, but it was clear to me that Gunn was simply lost in thought. So I whispered, “I don’t think he heard you.”

The guy tried again. This time Gunn heard, realized that the guy had been trying to talk to him before, and was effusive in his thanks and apologies.

They were silent for a bit after that. Then, as the door of the train opened, Gunn tapped the guy on the shoulder. “Give your wife my best,” he said.