Blaming People for the Financial Crisis for Fun and Profit

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Barbara and I both participated, not entirely unwillingly, in TIME’s group effort to pick 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis. It was initially conceived as a Web project (at first we were going to try for a list of 75, but that just seemed way too tiring, both for us and for readers), and while it has ended up in the magazine as well, it’s the Web version you really want to read–because you get to vote!

And where does the polling stand at the moment? Well, George Bush is leading the way, with Phil Gramm, Chris Cox and Angelo Mozilo in hot pursuit (Alan Greenspan doesn’t even make the top 10). In last place: HGTV’s Burton Jablin.

Update: Bush disappeared from the top slot around the middle of the day, and Phil Gramm now seems to be pulling away with this thing. He’s a winner, that guy is.