10 things I’ll miss about my job

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1. Morning meeting smackdowns, nerd style. (“In my admittedly jaundiced opinion…” “It’s hard to fathom…” “Of course, you’re familiar with the Cartesian argument…”)

2. Plastic cups of red table wine at closing night dinner.

3. Two-month deadlines.

4. Time Inc. office gossip. Juicy, juicy stuff.

5. My corporate Amex. Oh, how I’ll miss you, little green plastic friend.

6. Hanging with visiting foreign correspondents (yo, Simons, Hannah, Aryn).

7. Throngs of upward-facing tourists outside (specifically, body-slamming said tourists).

8. Pours.

9. Mentoring.

10. Free People magazine. Good-bye, Britney. Good-bye, fat Oprah. Fridays are a little dimmer now.