Next time they should probably carpool

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So the Detroit bailout will have to wait, at least until December. Nancy Pelosi said it was because lawmakers wanted to see a plan for how GM, Chrysler and Ford would spend the money. Then there was that other reason:

[W]hatever support they found sagged when it became known that each of them had flown into Washington aboard multi-million dollar corporate jets. Reid observed that was “difficult to explain” to taxpayers in his home town of Searchlight, Nev.

Now I get why companies with far flung operations like GM’s and Ford’s need corporate jets (not so sure about Chrysler). But the sheer boneheadedness of these guys each flying in separately in a jet between two cities that have pretty good commercial flight connections. I mean, couldn’t they have known that it would be asked? If only just for the show, couldn’t they have taken Northwest?

When they come back in December, they should consider traveling together in a Town & Country.