If kids could vote…

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…apparently, they would. A lot. For Obama. Check out Time for Kids‘ election webtravaganza. Here’s what I learned on the Electionary:

Ballot initiative (n)
A proposed law or policy that is voted on directly by the public. It is also sometimes called a referendum, proposition, or ballot measure. Ballot initiatives are different in each state and give voters a chance to express themselves on a variety of issues.

Got that? More than 2 million kids voted for president on Nick.com, and the winner was—surprise, surprise—Barack Obama. But not by as huge a margin as you’d expect: he won 51% of the vote.

In another measure of candidate popularity among the Ovaltine set, kids are friending their favorites on Kidzui:

  • 38.7% of kids are friends with Obama
  • 25.7% of kids are friends with McCain
  • 21.5% of kids are friends with Palin
  • 14.4% of kids are friends with Biden

No wonder. Check out their avatars. Palin looks like Mom and McCain and Biden like Grandpa, while Obama looks like that cool kid down the block. Bet the others wish he would redistribute his coolness.