“Sunlighting”: the new work trend

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Heard of moonlighting? Yeah. Now you get the picture.

Iconoculture says it’s the new trend (they call it “daylighting,” but I thought my term was cleverer…I’m trademarking). Iconoculture says:

Consumers who have gotten used to a certain lifestyle may take drastic measures to maintain that lifestyle, even when the economy tanks. It’s not exactly ethical, since most company’s ask for 100% engagement, but some white-collar workers are finding a way to double up on their work hours (CNN.com 9.23.08). Since they work all day with computers and PDA’s anyway, they find it easy to secretly toggle between two jobs.

I can see the point…but I can also see the problems. If I, say, take on a freelance article for a competing publication that I report on in the office, then that’s a clear violation of workplace rules. But if I, say, edit copy for some medical journal during downtime…that’s a little grayer, right?

Are you sunlighting—or tempted to? Do tell. I won’t rat.