When good technology goes bad

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All of you visiting Time.com blogland last Friday may have wondered: WTF happened? I’m quoting our fearless Time.com leader Josh here, but I’ll translate: What in fosh-farned farnation happened?

For an explanation, see Josh’s post below. Suffice it to say that our former blog platform went all kerflooey and it took the best and brightest on Time.com’s staff to fix it.

Like many office workers, I often feel beholden to people who know—really know—how to work computers. Our dot-com staff aren’t IT per se; we have a whole separate staff of computer guys (and allow me to trumpet your praises, computer guys…while we’re at it, could you remind me what my e-mail password is again?).

Anyway, the snafu made me think that in the near future, we won’t get the luxury of leaving tech blow-ups to others. Felix Rohatyn, the financial wizard, bragged on NPR this weekend that he doesn’t know how to use a computer. Okay, so maybe at age 80, Felix gets a pass. But the rest of us have got to get real. We’re all computer guys now.