Looking for a job? Try a sandwich board

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Seven years ago, I reported a piece about white-collar unemployment for which I interviewed a man who advertised his availability by wearing a sandwich board in midtown Manhattan. Seems we’re back to those bad old days. Here are some drastic measures some job hunters are taking, according to CareerBuilder:

• Candidate advertised on a billboard.

• Candidate carried around a sign that said, “Will work for paying bills.”
• Candidate brought a broom to the interview to “clean up the waste and corruption in the office.”
• Candidate wore a shirt to the interview that said, “Please hire me.”
• Candidate showed up with breakfast for the employer every day until hired.
• Candidate approached the hiring manager in a restroom.
• Candidate sent a giant cookie with “Hire Skip” written in frosting on it.
• Candidate parked outside of the office building with a sign that said, “Seeking employment.”
• Candidate wrote a poem about why she wanted the job in her cover letter.
• Candidate promised to give the employer a foot massage if hired.
• Candidate noticed the employer wrote a blog about a particular restaurant. She persuaded the restaurant to put her name on the menu so the employer would see it the next time he ate there.
• Candidate created an electronic resume with flash animation and musical score.

Seen any craziness with your own two eyes? Do share; we all need ideas.