The economic crisis is keeping me up. So I’m going to buy me some lipstick.

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A new survey from finds that 18% of women are so stressed out by all the news of a global economic meltdown that they’re experiencing insomnia. Here’s how else it’s affecting us on a daily basis: women say they will have to

• Cut back on luxuries (59%)

• Take a second job (12%)
• Postpone buying a home (10%)
• Go back to work (7%)
• Other, including “save more,” “move” and “cut back on food.”

When asked, “In this economic downturn, what small purchase most comforts you?” respondents answered:

• Beauty products (18%)

• Manicure/pedicures (18%)
• Chocolate (16%)
• New shoes (10%)
• Lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or Gap Body (3%)

The thing is, the plunge in stock prices and the credit freeze will surely touch us all in painfully tangible ways. But for now, it’s the anticipation of the pain that has us spooked. In other words, most of us can still afford the Clinique Autumn Glow.

Is the economic crisis keeping you up? Or are you still buying lipstick?