How’d you find me?

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  • Read Later has a brand spankin’ new design. Trolling around it the other day, I found it clean, attractive and relatively easy to maneuver. But there’s one big change: there’s no link on the home page to the blogs. We’re now scattered around according to subject matter; Work in Progress, for instance, is under Business. If you’re looking for Jim Poniewozik of Tuned In, he’s under Entertainment. Lev Grossman over at Nerd World? Take a guess: Business.

Anyway, I’m guessing most of you regulars have us bookmarked or on your RSS feeds. But if you stumbled upon me recently, I’d like to know: how’d you find me? And what do you think of the new design?

The blogs page does still exist, though I had to Google “Time blogs” to find it.