The Myth of the Rational Whatever

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George Mason University economist and blogger Bryan Caplan has a new book out called The Myth of the Rational Voter. I haven’t actually seen a copy yet, but I have read about it.

This news is making myself kick myself even harder than I usually do, because I have a long-delayed book due out a year from now called The Myth of the Rational Market (Amazon still lists it by its old name, The Myth of the Rational Investor). If I’d just finished it earlier it could have been marketed with Bryan’s as a packaged set. We could have gone on book tour together. We could have shared the cost of bodyguards to fend off our legions of teen-aged fans. What a missed opportunity!

All of which means I’m thrilled to announce that Bryan and I will be collaborating on our next book project, Good Times: Why Absolute Monarchy and the Feudal Economy Weren’t So Bad After All.

Update: Professor Caplan appears to be having second thoughts.