The Recession Will End in September

Then again, maybe it won’t, especially not if another major financial institution collapses. And if the economy does rebound, the recovery will be mild. USA Today sums up the clear-as-mud results of its economic outlook index, which factor in things like the stock market’s current bull market status. Another predictor says that home …

It’s the Cheapskate to the Rescue!

People are reacting to the economic downturn in different ways. Some folks are trying to change careers, whether they really want to or not. Lots of people are sensibly scaling back. Still others are taking a rather proactive approach: They’re turning into superheroes. No joke, as CNN reports.

Recession-proof job? Ain’t no such thing

Bet you’re not losing a whole lot of sleep worrying about the career prospects of those poor folks on Wall Street who sold mortgage-backed bonds or those down-on-their-luck execs at AIG. I wouldn’t, either, except that I’m related to them.

I have two brothers. One has spent his career selling and trading securitized debt for big …

Are you willing to take a lower salary?

Another finding in the Jobfox survey below:

…the professions in highest demand among employers found that some median salary ranges being asked for by job seekers dipped $10,000, compared to a month ago. Median salary ranges demanded by job seekers fell for workers seeking jobs in:

Software Design/Development, with a median salary

Recession-proof job: ain’t no such thing

I’m getting a lot of pitches lately from this expert or that, offering to enlighten us (meaning me and thereby you) on recession-proofing your career. A lot of media outlets are taking the bait, judging by the meme wave of articles purporting to tell us such secrets. Which made me wonder: just exactly what does qualify a line of work as …

Smart ways to recession-proof your job

Lately I’m getting a lot of press releases from career coaches, staffing companies and head hunters advising me to tell you that they know how to “recession-proof your job.” If I were being all analytical and boring, I’d say it’s one indicator of voter jitters about the direction of the economy.

But then I got to thinking. My own …

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