Barack Obama

Is Romney the Wrong Kind of Rich?

Do Americans – or at least a significant portion of them — resent success? To hear some tell it, the biggest division in the country today is between those striving for success – and those who want to tear down the …

Congressional Budget Office: Get Used to 8% Unemployment

If you’re looking for good news from the Congressional Budget Office’s annual summer update of its budget and economic outlook, which was released today, there’s always this: at least the CBO isn’t predicting that double-dip recession. According to the non-partisan agency that provides economic data to Congress, real GDP will …

Obama’s New Economic Advisor Defended Subprime Lending

Austan Goolsbee and President Obama (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It has become taboo to defend anything having to do with subprime lending. Why would you? It’s clear now that banks and mortgage brokers handed out expensive loans to many people who had little ability to make the payments. It’s also clear that the result was not …

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