Why do we levy taxes, anyway?

A reader writes, in response to my Upside of Anger column on taxing Wall Street bonuses:

You appear to have a positive outlook regarding the government using the tax system to punish entities they don’t agree with. And you dare use the term “CAPITALIST” in your byline?? How hypocritical can one get?? Here is my take on the punishing

Is too much competition the problem with our banking system?

We all know the problem with the American financial system. It’s that a few institutions have become too big and interconnected to fail. And so, instead of letting creative destruction work its magic and purge the rottenness out of our financial sector, we’re engaged in a sloppy, counterproductive, hugely expensive effort to keep these …

Shocking news: Tim Gunn is very polite

Here’s some hugely important new that I am afraid I failed to report in a timely fashion: I was riding on the subway yesterday morning and Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn was standing next to me. I didn’t really have anything to say to him (I guess I could have asked if he thought my jacket worked with my shirt, but that didn’t seem …

Nick Kristof says I get things right

I heard about Nick Kristof’s column on prediction yesterday, but I didn’t actually read it. (Because, you know, reading takes up valuable time.) But Mrs. Curious Capitalist points me to this important excerpt:

[I]t turns out that while foxes don’t give great sound-bites, they are far more likely to get things right.

What? You don’t …

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