Leftovers: It’s What’s for Dinner—Again

More than ever, no one wants to be wasteful. This is difficult when it comes to food, about 25 percent of which you bring into the house is never eaten. Making a meal with just the right amount of food seems impossible, so what do you do with leftovers? There’s eating them again and again, of course, until it feels like a chore. What are

Dates Gone Bad in the Recession

Perhaps there is no such thing as a good cheap date. The website MyVeryWorstDate is fairly self-explanatory: Folks (pretty much all women) write in with anecdotes of dates who are crude, who are obnoxious, who suddenly lose their pants, who are under house arrest (with the leg monitoring device and all), who go shoplifting during the

Big Discounts on Home Furnishings, Cars, Clothing, and More

SmartMoney lists five types of stores where business is bad this summer—and where therefore, consumers have their pick of steeply discounted merchandise. In the home furnishings category, for example, more than 1,000 items at Pier 1 are currently being sold at discounts of at least 50 percent. There are also deals to be had on …

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