Recession Ride Taxi Service: “Pay What You Want”

Eric Hagen may be the nicest cab driver ever. Perhaps he’s the smartest too. A full-time employee at the American Red Cross in Burlington, Vermont, Hagen recently started a new business: Recession Ride Taxi. He printed some business cards, and put the words “Pay What You Want!” on the back of the SUV that doubles as his taxi.

Larry Summers, fruit fly

Holey moley. I missed this when economist Willem Buiter posted it on his blog a few days ago. He says the front-runners for the Fed chairmanship when it comes open next year are incumbent Ben Bernanke, SF Fed President Janet Yellen and Larry Summers, then writes:

Both Bernanke and Yellen are qualified for the job. Summers is

New column: The pay crackdown

My new column, on Washington’s campaign to regulate executive and Wall Street pay, is online. It’s got a lot of Lucian Bebchuk in it, and this morning Bebchuk is at it again, with a op-ed (co-authored with his Harvard Law School colleague Alma Cohen) making the case that it appears banks have actually gotten more generous in …

It’s a Deal: Free Mars Bar on Fridays

Candy manufacturer Mars is hosting a “Real Chocolate Relief Act.” When you register at its site, you can print out a coupon for a free candy bar every Friday through the end of the summer (max four coupons per household). More details here.

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