Who Will Mop Up the Competition in the Battle for Household Good Dollars?

It’s sort of new! And not at all improved! But it is less expensive. We’re talking about Procter & Gamble’s Tide Basic, a detergent that’s been rolled out in about 100 stores in the South. Quite plainly, it’s a cheaper product. It doesn’t have the same cleaning capabilities of the regular Tide, though it does cost about 20 percent less.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Today’s monthly employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was surprisingly positive. Meaning only that it was less negative than most people expected it would be. Nonfarm employment, the number worth paying the most attention to, was down 247,000 in July—compared with 395,000 in June and an average of 645,000 during the …

Credit Card Fee Watch: Now There’s a Fee For NOT Buying Stuff

Credit card issuers are an inventive bunch, always creating new ways to entice consumers into signing up for cards, and to charge those consumers all sorts of fees for using those cards. I’m constantly shocked by the number of letters we receive in the mail from credit card companies—these guys have to be keeping the postal service in …

It’s a Deal: Give $3, Get $10 Off at Macy’s

Reading Is Fundamental is teaming up with Macy’s for a summer promotion that simultaneously supports children’s literacy and gives shoppers discounts. In exchange for a $3 donation to RIF, you’ll receive a coupon for $10 off of purchases of $50 or more in-store merchandise. The promotion is in effect through August 31. More details here.

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