“Compassionate Downsizing”: You’re Fired! Want a Hug?

Apparently, there are good ways and bad ways to fire people. From the company’s perspective, layoffs go well if no one sues. From the employee’s perspective, there are really just bad ways and worse ways to handle layoffs. But if you are laid off, don’t simply accept whatever papers are pushed in front of you to sign. Even though you …

The Shark Tank stays intact

The TV critic is on vacation. Plus, Shark Tank is about business and stuff. So I watched the first episode of Mark Burnett’s latest reality offering Sunday night. As did Curious Capitalist Jr., who was supposed to go to bed but kept watching because he was riveted. Hmmm, a 10-year-old (who thinks economics and business are boring) …

A book-related interlude

I’ve had my final say in my CBS Moneywatch “blog war” with Eric Falkenstein over efficient markets. It really hasn’t been much of a war: We both agree that financial markets go nuts sometimes. He’s just a lot more distrustful of government than I am.

Oh, and some Krugman guy has written a review of my book for this Sunday’s New York

The very circular nature of AIG’s profits

So AIG made a $1.82 billion profit in the second-quarter—its first venture out of the red since 2007. Hmmm, it’ll only take 47 more quarters like that for the company to repay the $87.6 billion in direct aid it’s gotten from the federal government.

I’m no insurance industry analyst, but a brief look at the financials the company

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