When Will God Fix the Economy?

Even though God may occasionally punish the self-interested followers of capitalism, the Divine One can still make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Huh? Throughout the recession, various religious leaders have voiced their opinions about what God does and doesn’t do, and how believers should respond to the crisis at hand. To no …

How to Eat on a Dollar a Day

The next post in the continuing frugal gastronomy series features a pair of schoolteacher-writers who gave themselves the toughest of all restrictions: All their food had to cost no more than $1 per day per person. Amazingly, if they invited guests over to eat, the guests’ food had to be covered by the $1 allotment. You’d have to really

On the road

The Curious Capitalist family will be spending most of the next two weeks driving across the country, left to right. We may post some travel photos, and Barbara will post from time to time. But overall production will slow dramatically. Which seems appropriate for the second half of August.

Weekend video: More Belgians!

After last weekend I couldn’t resist. Here’s Suarez, from the town of Mons:

Don’t know a whole lot about them, except what I read in this article. I can’t really read French, but it appears to tell of a Belgian of Spanish and Italian descent uniting with three guys (two brothers and their cousin) from Madagascar. I heard another one …

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