Look What You Can Buy at eBay and Craigslist: It’s California!

To try and balance the California state budget, the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is emptying storage warehouses and rounding up anything worth selling. Lots of things that don’t seem worth selling too, or at least that don’t seem like they’d fetch much money at auction, such as coat racks, box cutters, and belt buckles. No matter. …

Road trip photos 2

We’re back in the Eastern time zone (in Indiana), and I’ll be back at work in a couple of days. But here, while we’re still on the road, are a few more contributions from the photo album—most of them the work of Mrs. Curious Capitalist. First, the Kit Carson Museum in Las Animas Colorado, where one learns almost nothing about Kit Carson:

The Wheelchair Recycler

Even if you’re not remotely green, you just gotta love the way David Heim recycles. He takes in donated and banged-up wheelchairs, repairs them, and either sells them for cheap or simply gives them away to folks in need.

1849 All Over Again?

You lose your job. Then the home goes into foreclosure. What do you do? Go west to strike it rich in the gold mines. These are scenes from the 1800s, and from the Great Depression, and from today.

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