Ten Credit Card Myths

The website FoolProof uses videos and straightforward messages to warn young people (and everyone else, really) about the hazards of debt, interest, bouncing checks, and more.

Read more about the website at this story, which includes the site’s top financial myths:

–I don’t have to worry about credit at my age.

–Bad credit can’t

Marriage is for suckers

A loyal reader of the Curious Capitalist has asked me to post a story I wrote for Time.com. Since I’m here to serve:

Conventional wisdom says if you want to be richer, a useful thing to do is get married. Life is cheaper when there’s only one mortgage to pay and someone else can do certain tasks — cooking, say, or car repair — more

Debit Card Overdraft Fees: Will the Rip-offs End Soon?

Because debit cards deduct money directly from the cardholder’s bank account, it’s not possible to pile up debt like you can with a credit card. But debit cards are not without risk: Overdraft fees, which card issuers assess when customers spend more than the balance in an account, routinely cost $35 a pop, in some cases adding up to …

It’s just that simple: Dell now wants to be like IBM

You probably know the bare-bones history of the personal computer: The business was IBM’s to dominate, but it decided to outsource the guts of the machine—the microprocessor and the operating system—to Intel and Microsoft. Those two companies sucked up most of the profits of the 1990s PC boom, while Dell became the dominant PC …

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