Why Are You Still Paying to Make Cell Phone Calls?

The average iPhone user forks over $95 a month to AT&T, and more than half of that covers voice accounts. Now that AT&T has approved applications like Skype, which allow users to make calls—even international calls—for free or very cheap via the Internet, it seems like only a matter of time before customers change the way they make …

Should bond investors care about prices?

A reader asked, in reference to my column on the “Bond Bust Ahead,”

As interest rates climb, bond prices drop. I understand that part. But, for an “investor” who owns bonds to maturity how does this translate into losses? I still get the same coupon payment and my principal at the end of the term.(Agreed that with higher inflation my

It’s a Deal: Free Night, Upgrade at Hyatt Hotels

With Hyatt’s “Three for Free” promotion, guests enjoy a free night (after a stay of two or more paid nights), with breakfast and an upgrade included. The offer is valid at select Hyatt resorts in places like Florida, Hawaii, and Colorado, now through December 18. More details here.

80% of Debit Card Holders Don’t Want “Protection”

Most debit card fees come by way of “overdraft protection,” in which banks allow customers to spend more than what’s in their accounts—and then customers are smacked with fees of around $35 each time they do so. Here’s a real shocker: Very few people actually want that sort of protection.

A tax cut for hiring?

Catherine Rampell has the story in today’s NYT about the growing interest in the White House and elsewhere in Washington in a tax credit to entice businesses to hire. This was discussed as part of the stimulus legislation back at the beginning of the year but dropped. Now it’s back because, while the economy seems to be growing a bit,

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