The downside of job interviews over Skype

I’m getting a number of e-mails and calls about this story on how companies are using Skype to interview job candidates over the web. All the comments so far have been positive—video chatting is a whole lot cheaper than flying out for an in-person interview, and who doesn’t like to save money. The more I sit with this story, though, …

Introducing the $70 Refrigerator

Also, the $23 stove, the $2,200 automobile, the $43 water-purification system, and the $20 cell phone with 2¢-per-minute rates—all courtesy of India, where engineers and innovators are coming up with ingenious products that are within reach of the country’s poorest citizens.

BYO Bags to Save Money at Target and CVS

Much like bottled water, plastic shopping bags are viewed as wasteful and bad for the earth. They’re natural (unnatural?) targets for environmentalists and tightwads alike. Starting on November 1, all Target stores in the country will begin giving customers a discount for every plastic bag they don’t use.

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