Small Business

Small Biz Is Still Sucking Wind

President Obama had a shinning moment on Thursday when the Senate pulled together (in barley bipartisan fashion) and passed the assistance package for small business. Now there will be a quickie conference with the House, which passed its own version in June. The bill basically puts billions of dollars into the hands of community banks …

Is this a small business recession?

First-time claims for unemployment insurance benefits headed higher last week—not a good sign for the strength of the economic recovery. Or should I say “recovery”? The Department of Labor numbers, out this morning, mark the fourth increase in the past five weeks and the highest rate of claims in nine months.

Another set of government …

Blowing Hot

Green sentiment and tax incentives have lifted sales. But costs remain high, and manufacturers need more help from Washington

Pouring It On

Brita sold the U.S. rights to its best product to Clorox. So it started Mavea to take on a familiar foe

Bonobos: Very Fit to Lead

Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, is on a mission to end “khaki diaper butt” — and it’s possible he might upend men’s retail on the way

What Lies Beneath

Geospatial’s Smart Probe answers a century-old question in 3-D: Where are the pipes?

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