Small Business

10 Ways to Motivate Anyone

I am often asked about how I keep employees inspired and productive. It’s an essential question since companies today must accomplish more, with fewer people. The most successful start-ups must be lean, nimble, and fierce.

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Use the Power of Pause When Speaking

Whenever effective public speakers end a sentence or phrase, they usually pause. This gives listeners time to absorb their words. Nervous presenters often do the opposite: The stress of being in front of an audience causes them to speak faster and faster, rushing past the pauses. Whether you’re speaking to a large group of strangers or …

When to Share Bad News

When you’re privy to information that your team isn’t, should you share the news or protect your employees? When deciding whether to divulge bad news, do these things first:

Trust Your Gut

Most of us are taught to defer to authority. As a result, we tend to disregard our internal compasses. But your instinct are often right. Here is how to counter your conditioning and question authority:

Invuity: Taking Surgery Out of the Dark Ages

Advances in minimally-invasive surgery have made for smaller and smaller incisions, thereby reducing the risk of infection and greatly improving patient recovery times. Yet, operating in tiny spaces comes with its own

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