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Q&A with Consumer Queen Melissa Garcia

Coupons are hot. No one knows this more than the Melissa Garcia, a.k.a the Consumer Queen, who runs the money-saving website of the same name. Garcia and her small staff of co-queen bloggers round up frugal tips, along with the week’s best coupons and deals at supermarkets, electronics stores, home furnishing outlets, and more. Garcia is …

Confessions of a Best Buy salesperson

Among the revelations in a CNET story are: Staffers have no expertise (or even basic knowledge) about the electronics they’re selling; accessories like HDMI cables are where they make their real money (like alcohol in restaurants, or soda and fries at fast food joints); and the Geek Squad is a total rip-off.

Cheap Dates … and Cheaper Lap Dances?

My wife and I are long-time fans of IKEA. We have bookshelves, dressers, and toys from IKEA, and though I’ve been burned a few times—holes that don’t line up with the right bolts, that sort of thing—my overall impression is that you get what you pay for. Actually, at IKEA, you get more than what you pay for, compared to other places. …

More Healthcare Head Scratchers

President Obama will be in Green Bay, Wisconsin, today, apparently to talk about how super awesome Brett Favre is, before begging him not to retire. Oh wait, no. Obama is instead presenting Green Bay as an efficient healthcare model the rest of the country should emulate. Green Bay supposedly does healthcare right, offering excellent …

Doctors Say: No Healthcare for You!

President Obama is expected to address the American Medical Association next week in Chicago, but before he has a chance to, the powerful doctors’ lobbyist group with some 250,000 members already came out and said it opposes a government-funded healthcare plan. Why? They say they’re worried about you, the taxpayer.

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