Identity Theft

5 Summer Travel Scams to Avoid

With the summer comes peak season for scammers coming up with new ways to empty tourists’ wallets — increasingly, by getting their hands on travelers’ personal financial information. Here are five tricks to be on the lookout …

The Poet Laureate of Identity Theft

To literary-minded Americans, he’s a scribe of suburban ennui. To a loose confederacy of Nigerian hackers, he’s a potentially lucrative collection of account numbers and passwords. In both cases, he’s Rick Moody. And after a …

The Dumbest Way Ever to Get Your Identity Stolen

Facepalm, as the kids would say. Even if you’re a relative newcomer to the Internet, there are probably some things you would consider unsafe to do — such as, oh, posting a picture of your credit or debit card for all the world …

How Exactly Do Cyber Criminals Steal $78 Million?

Let’s say you’re a cyberthief who just compromised hundreds of bank accounts worth millions of dollars. Congratulations! You’re now the scourge of the global community. Now, all you need to do is get your hands on that money. …

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