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What Would Jesus Buy?

The popular “prosperity gospel” preached to the adoring masses is being blamed for putting a lot of believers deeply into debt that they’ll likely never pay off. Guess they just aren’t good enough Christians.

Cash for Caulkers?

The Obama administration is looking very closely into the possibility of a program that would cover a big chunk of the cost to weatherize your home—meaning you’d save money right away on getting an energy audit and on projects like sealing windows and adding insulation, and you’d save down the line because those projects will make it …

Last One to Turn on the Thermostat Wins

The competition is, um … heating up? Around the country, anti-consumer websites and community forums are hosting “no heat” challenges. The winners—who win bragging rights, perhaps a trophy, certainly lower utility bills—are the households that leave their heat in the off position the longest.

Dream a Littler Dream Home

The gargantuan, 3,500-square-foot boom-time McMansion is so 2007. Its replacement? The 2,500-square-foot recession-era McMansion.

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