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Higher Incomes, Less Happiness

A recently released study by the CDC reveals that people who live in sunny, warm states—Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arizona are the top 5—report the highest levels of satisfaction in their lives. But what I find most interesting is what’s going on at the bottom of the list: The states with the least happy people tend …

The Year of Living Cheaply: A Retrospective

In 2009, dorky, inherently un-fun words like “thrifty” and “frugal” were paired early and often with fancy ones such as “chic” and “glamour.” Folks long accustomed to using triple coupons and cutting their own hair enjoyed newfound status among their neighbors: Instead of being viewed as eccentric oddballs—or worse, as killjoys or …

It’s a Deal: Same Products, Lower Prices at IKEA

IKEA has decreased the prices on dozens of household items: A sofa that sold for $1,199 last year now retails for $899; a coffee table selling for $29.99 last year now sells for $19.99; a TV unit stand, formerly $150, is available for $99; and so on.

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