Financial Planning

How to Dump Your Fee-Filled 401(k)

401(k) fees are back in the news. These plans still make sense for many workers, especially if there is a company match. But it’s tough to make the case for sticking around once you retire or find another job. Here are four ways to treat your 401(k) assets.

5 Ways to Avoid Hidden 401(k) Fees

A new report says that investors lose up to 30% of their savings to hidden 401(k) fees. That’s probably a stretch. But outlandish fees are a definite problem. Here’s how you can avoid them.

Sandwich Generation: Old Story, New Problem

Boomers were the first to struggle en masse with both the financial needs of kids in college and retired parents outliving their nest egg. Now, the kids may be out of college—but moved back home. Meanwhile, mom or dad has not …

The American Dream Gets Another Facelift

The American Dream of home ownership has taken some hits in the recession. But it remains alive and well, though with some twists that will help shape the nature of the budding housing recovery.

Why Annuities are the Answer (But Such a Tough Sell)

The decline of traditional pensions and steady erosion of Social Security benefits has begun to leave most retirees without a source of guaranteed lifetime income. Plugging that hole is emerging as the most important retirement issue of our day.

Alumni Credit Card? First, Lose the Greedy Pitch

Colleges are slamming graduating students with credit card offers that sound sincere but amount to a hard sell. Yes, the right card will help build a good credit score. But watch out for the accompanying advice on how to go about it.

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