Financial Education

How Saving for Retirement Might Backfire

Saving for retirement is now the top financial goal of the vast majority of people who hold a job, according to a recent T. Rowe Price survey. That’s great news. We have a savings crisis in America and we’re finally taking it …

4 Ways You Pay Too Much–and What to Do About It

By seizing on promotions and not paying attention to new products and changing markets, consumers end up in the wrong loans all the time. They spend an estimated $541 a month more than necessary on their debt repayment. Here’s …

Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years

Higher education is in transition and with a coming proliferation in online courses could be totally free for many within a decade. The status quo won’t yield easily. But this is looking like a real answer to runaway student debt.

Financial Education: A Job for Teachers or Parents?

The idea that teaching kids about money should be left to parents is strictly old school, a panel of experts agreed. Personal finance is “Reality” in the post financial crisis world and should be regarded as the Fourth R. This is …

Compound Interest: Knowledge Builds Wealth, Which Fuels More Learning

A string of new research builds the case that financial literacy at an early age is at the heart of wealth creation. Financial understanding leads to asset building, which leads to a more vigorous quest to understand personal finance. It’s a virtuous circle that can give an edge to anyone who latches on.

Financial Fitness Workshop to be Held in NYC Sept. 29

If you’re in the New York area, be sure to consider attending the tenth annual Financial Fitness Workshop, hosted by the Financial Planning Association of New York and the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. TIME Moneyland is a media sponsor of the event, which will be held Sept. 29 in Vanderbilt Hall at the New York …

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