Ideas for Business

How To Get Innovation from the Big Middle

When Kelly Soyland of the Good Samaritan Society started an innovation project in 2006, his official job title was director of procurement. Along with his daily responsibilities, Soyland took on innovation projects because he saw opportunities that couldn’t be addressed within the Society’s normal operations. After working nights and …

Google+ Hangout: Are You Too Busy To Get Anything Done?

If you answered “yes” to that question, you will likely find some comfort — and useful advice — in today’s Google+ Hangout, a conversation with workplace experts on strategies that workers, companies, and managers can use to address the growing problem of what we might call “Fast Work.”

Poll: Does Tech Help or Hurt Workplace Productivity?

There is little doubt that technology has, in many ways, made us more productive at work. But an increasing number of experts are asking whether our business culture of email and instant messaging and 24/7 connectivity is making …

Differentiation: A Surprising Story of Sameness

If anything could be considered sacred in business, differentiation would be a top candidate. “Differentiation,” the method marketers use to demonstrate differences between products, is pursued with grail-seeking zeal by companies interested in beating the competition. Mintier mouthwash, infinitely absorbing paper towels, …

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