The $600 Billion the IRS Can’t Collect

Although you wouldn’t know it by the weather, April is fast approaching. And that means in the coming weeks, millions of Americans will be breaking out their W-2s and their favorite tax software to figure out exactly how much …

What You Need to Know As Tax Time Rolls Around

Every year the tax code changes, at least slightly, and last year was no exception. Here are the most significant recent developments that should figure into your thinking as you prepare your 2012 tax returns and begin to think …

Should Credit Unions Have to Pay Income Tax?

The American Bankers Association, the lobbying group that represents America’s banking industry, has recently launched an ad campaign across Washington D.C. aimed directly at the nation’s credit unions. The print version of the campaign is to the point, reading simply:

“Today credit unions are a $1 trillion industry that pays no

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