7 Odd Solutions for 7 Common Economic Problems

Could dog poop help communities meet their energy needs? Should the government give signing bonuses to unemployed people who accept job offers? Would a commuter loyalty program similar to the airlines get more workers to use …

Taxes by the Numbers

What kind of refund can the average filer expect? How dangerous do people believe it is to do their own taxes? How many people cheat? Where does all the money go? Some numbers help answer these and other questions.

14 Random Freebies and Deals in Honor of Tax Day

What do ice cream, HBO, online dating, massages, seafood, personal training, and French fries have to do with filing your taxes? Who cares! What’s important is that they’re all offered with discounts or totally for free sometime between Friday and the final day to file taxes this year, Monday, April 18.

Pensions by the Numbers

Here’s a roundup of revealing figures and interesting survey stats regarding a topic that’s certainly known for get people worked up, so to speak.

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