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Second graders circling Manhattan and taking pictures

Curious Capitalist Jr. took the photo above. He and all the rest of the second graders at his school did a Circle Line field trip today. I was one of the chaperones. Nobody fell out of the boat. And nobody got lost in the subway on the way back. A spectacular success.

One of CC Jr.’s classmates took this cool shot (with my camera) of …

The U.S. dollar still has a few fans among central bankers

Early last week, UBS hosted its 13th annual Reserve Management Seminar in Thun, Switzerland. In attendance were the people whose job it is to figure out what to do with the foreign currency reserves held by their country’s central banks. They came from 78 nations, representing institutions with reserves totaling $4.8 trillion.

In other …

ExxonMobil’s investing choices and peak oil

A reader named Greg from Sunnyvale, Calif., writes, regarding my column about how ExxonMobil is devoting a significantly smaller share of its resources to developing new sources of oil than it did back in the late 1970s and early 1980s:

I was thinking that, as a journalist, you might want to investigate an alternative explanation for

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