What’s Your Personal Inflation Rate?

To know what’s really happening to your own standard of living, don’t pay attention to government’s statistics – just go to the grocery store or a department store and look around you.

Is This Stock Market Rally for Real?

Despite all the problems facing the global economy, the average U.S. stock has doubled from its 2009 lows. So this seems like the time to ask whether share prices have run up too far, too fast.

Is America’s Economic Recovery Real?

That’s the $64,000 question, particularly for the U.S. presidential elections – if things keep improving, it’s only good news for Obama. The economy has been on a roll this year, with unemployment down, consumer and …

Can a Second Bailout Save Greece?

After months of delays, arguments and doubts, euro-zone finance ministers agreed on a second, $170 billion bailout of beleaguered Greece in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The agreement will not only provide fresh financing …

What Happens if Greece Doesn’t Get a Bailout?

After the Greek Parliament on Sunday passed yet another package of austerity measures demanded by its euro-zone neighbors — this one worth $4.4 billion — the path seemed clear to finalizing a long-delayed, second bailout of …

Graphic: Executive Pay

Facebook’s initial public offering filings revealed the salary of its top execs as a percentage of company income, which is four times that of Apple’s executive staff. How does it compare to other top American companies?

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