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Shout Out: ‘Living on $18K a Year—By Choice’

Three people show how it’s done: A 25-year-old former construction manager who now collects unemployment while starting up a website; a 44-year-old woman who earns a total of $20,000 a year from two part-time jobs; and a 60-year-old part-time administrative assistant.

The Gray Line Between Unemployment and Involuntary Entrepreneurship

Guess what? If you’re a freelancer or are otherwise self-employed, with no paid vacation, no 401(k) match, and no regular work schedule or salary, in certain circles you’re considered an entrepreneur—the same as somebody boldly starting up a business from scratch. And guess what? The number of “entrepreneurs” rose last year, especially …

Unemployment by the Numbers

Here are some stats of interest to people who are without jobs, who live or know people who are without jobs, or who could be without jobs in the near future. Does that cover everybody?

Do You ‘Need a Freakin’ Job’?

Lots of people do in Buffalo, where the President is discussing job creation programs today—and where a billboard has been put up to promote the “I Need a Freakin’ Job” movement.

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