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Labor Day Lament: How Come Everybody Works 12-Hour Days Now?

Something tells me that even though (on the East Coast anyway) it’s late in the work day on a Friday that kicks off a holiday weekend celebrating the working man and working woman, there are still plenty workers still at work as they read this. How’s that working for ya?

Save Money Now: 18 Resources to Help You Hang On to More Cash

Included in this week’s roundup: colleges where tuition is free, best online savings accounts, stuff the cell-phone companies won’t tell you, unconventional ways to find jobs, worst items to buy at drugstores, reasons you might want to totally ignore your credit score, and justifications for why you’re not buying a diamond engagement …

Why Your Local Public Library Is More Popular Than Ever

As the economy tanks, library use surges. Makes sense, right? The library is a magnet for the unemployed: Last year, 30 million peopled used the library to help in the quest for a job. Many unemployed have no Internet access at home, and so the library is the only place they can search online for employment. Tons of libraries also career …

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