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College by the Numbers

What with high unemployment rates and soaring costs of higher education, there’s no shortage of skepticism about whether a college degree is truly worth the time and expense. Whether college is a good investment or not is a question that has come up again and again and again and again. Here are some important, often surprising figures to …

Saving by the Numbers

Here are 20 new resources that, among other things, will help consumers to save money or spend it wisely, to enable folks to get good customer service or to do good in the world even if they’re broke.

The Colleges Corporate Recruiters Really Love

There’s no need for students at state universities to envy the Ivies, or to assume that grads from pricey, prestigious schools have a leg up in landing jobs. In fact, when recruiting executives go hunting to hire students who are well-rounded academically and who are best prepared to enter the workforce, their first choices aren’t …

111 Frugal Tips for Smarter Buying and Serious Saving

This week’s link roundup covers fees no prudent consumer should ever pay, supermarkets that can save you big-time on grocery bills, reasons why you might want to splurge on a latte from time to time (OK, this isn’t just about saving money), and a no-excuses look at the real reasons you’re broke.

12 Signs of Continued Hard Times

Including more participation in food stamp programs and more people drinking beer at home, along with fewer people investing in stocks, buying videogames, going to the movies, and working at jobs that match their skill sets.

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