Roya Wolverson

Roya Wolverson is the global business editor for TIME. Previously, she was an economics writer for the Council on Foreign Relations' Web publication, Wolverson covered finance and investing for the Wall Street Journal magazine SmartMoney and wrote about foreign policy, domestic politics and culture for Newsweek. Her freelance work has appeared in the New Republic, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and on NPR's On Point. Wolverson has a master's degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School and was a Fulbright scholar on economic development in Mali and a Fulbright journalism fellow in Germany.

Articles from Contributor

Is Bernanke the Most Inflationary Fed Chair?

Republican presidential candidates want his head. Inflation hawks on the Federal Reserve board think his policies go too far, and advocates for the unemployed think they stop too short. Fed chair Ben Bernanke seems to be ticking off economy-watchers at every turn. But while some of Bernanke’s policies have certainly been …

Are Political Suicides Needed to Save Greater Europe?

Greek tragedy strikes again. European and Greek leaders are at each other’s throats about Greece being on the dole. Again. And that’s got investors all in a tizzy about holding onto Greek debt. Again. So where does this leave the ominous eurozone crisis, which appears to have no end?

Here’s the gist of the problem. The “troika” in …

It’s the demand, stupid.

At this point, most economists agree that the best way to save the economic recovery is to get moving on jobs. The question is how to do that. After months of dithering, it looks like we may be getting an answer from a down-trodden President Obama. His administration is coming out with a jobs plan next month. And today, the White House …

Rick Perry: Job Creation in an Oil-Driven Economy

Texas has created almost as many jobs during Rick Perry’s career as governor as the rest of the country has lost. So what’s the secret behind the “Texas Miracle”? Rising GOP presidential candidate Perry says it’s about putting job creation in the private sector’s hands. “We know dollars do far more to create jobs and prosperity in the …

To Save the Housing Market, Tear Down Houses

The economic recovery is in a bad way. To get it back on track, the housing market will need revival. And yet, three years after the economic crisis (and after bailouts, multiple rounds of stimulus, and much toiling over the national debt) housing numbers are getting worse.  That saps consumer demand and drags down economic growth. …

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