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Rana Foroohar is TIME's assistant managing editor in charge of economics and business.

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How Bad Mergers Are Killing Innovation

Wall Street’s disproportionate sway over the U.S. economy has caused big problems in recent years, from the subprime crisis to high-frequency-trading debacles (just look at the new research out from the CTFC showing how speed traders rip off average Joes). But here’s one you may not have noticed: it’s crippling innovation.

To …

Curious Capitalist Curious Capitalist

Money Talking: How to Decipher the Bipolar Economy

Consumers are confident, but corporations aren’t. What will it mean for the markets? And, what does the sex abuse scandal at the BBC tell us about the ability of big institutions to govern themselves? For this and more, tune into this week’s episode of WNYC’s Money Talking, with TIME’s Rana Foroohar and Joe Nocera of The New York Times.

Curious Capitalist Curious Capitalist

The U.S. Economy’s Split Personality

Is the U.S. economy becoming bipolar? That’s what it seems like if you contrast the behavior of consumers versus corporations lately. Individual shoppers have been as bullish as they have been in years. With stocks relatively high, personal finances in better shape, and the housing market in recovery, American consumers have finally …

Curious Capitalist Curious Capitalist

Money Talking: Is Too-Big-to-Fail Over?

Does Vikram Pandit’s departure from Citi mean that the era of the too big to fail bank is coming to an end? Is banking finally getting more boring? And what will happen to JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein. To hear all this and more, tune in to the latest episode of WNYC’s Money Taking, with Time’s Rana Foroohar, …

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