David Futrelle

David Futrelle is a former staff writer for Money magazine. He's written for numerous publications, including Salon, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times Book Review. He lives in Chicago.

Articles from Contributor

Romney Pal Writes an Ode to Inequality

Mitt Romney no doubt appreciates the million bucks his former Bain Capital protégé Edward Conard has donated to his election SuperPAC. He may not appreciate quite as much the shout-out he gets in the acknowledgements of …

Is Romney the Wrong Kind of Rich?

Do Americans – or at least a significant portion of them — resent success? To hear some tell it, the biggest division in the country today is between those striving for success – and those who want to tear down the …

Are We Paying Our CEOs Enough?

Pity the poor CEOs of America. Last year, America’s biggest companies increased their revenues –and their profits – by substantial amounts, yet the CEOs leading these companies saw only a meager increase in their …

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